Thursday, April 30, 2015


This month we will be sending out our Hallmark cards to all of our mother's so that we can thank them for not only playing a pretty big role in creating us, they also had a hand in bringing us up into the people that we have grown into. That's certainly a big task to
take on, and so on behalf of us kids, I would like to send my gratitude to all the moms out there for a job well done. That being said, there is one mother that we sometimes forget to pay heed to and that is the one who is our collective parent. Her name is Mother Earth.

She is the one who creates our food, our shelter, the beauty that surrounds us and a general feeling of nurturing goodness. Yet, we often don't notice. After all, doesn't our food just come from Safeway? Maybe as a child I thought that the grocery store was our provider, but now I know better. Each and every part of of this wondrous planet of ours plays an important role for the whole of Creation. 

Take the fly, for example. That pesky bug who drives us all crazy, actually has a pretty important job. They are the clean-up crew, getting rid of waste that no longer serves us. Well, hallelujah for that. And then there is the bee. How many times have I seen people swat at them? Too many to count. With all the harm we are doing to our environment, the bees are now endangered. Without them, we won't be able to eat, as they are our primary pollinators. Needless to say, I don't swat at them anymore. I revere them. 

Just yesterday, as I spent time in my yard, I noticed an ailing bee. She had some trouble getting around as she hobbled on one of the rocks on my foot path. Time after time she attempted to make her way off that rock, but as soon as she peered over any of its edges, she wouldn't budge an inch. I didn't want her to be stuck there. She clearly wanted to get off. She simply needed a little help. I am allergic to bees, so I was not going to stick out my hand, but I decided to take it upon myself to built her a makeshift stairwell that was made from various stones, in the hopes that she could easily climb down onto the ground. I wasn't sure if she would get what I was trying to accomplish, but at least I was going to try. That's when I discovered that intelligence comes in small packages too.

This amazing creature was not at all oblivious to my intention. In fact, almost the very second I began engineering my structure, she made her way across the rock to where I was setting my stones and waited patiently at the "curb" for me to finish. Talk about a smart little bee! I think that she must have tapped into my brainwaves, because she seemed to know what I was doing even before I did. Or maybe that wasn't it at all. Maybe it was she who was telling me what to do so that I could help her. Regardless of whose idea it was, this little bee was about to have her wish come true.

After the building process was complete, she easily made it onto the first step. Yippee! Unfortunately, the second step was a whole other ballgame. It was simply too steep for her to manage. Each time she moved a mere centimeter or so towards the edge, she just as quickly crawled backward. Well, that wouldn't do. I couldn't just leave her sitting on this rock that wasn't much larger than she was. I had to come up with another plan. That is when I discovered a long stick laying on the ground only inches away from where we were located. So, I picked it up and held it out for her to climb onto. Amazingly, she jumped right on it. As I airlifted her down to the ground, it seemed as though she was grateful for my assistance. I could be making that part up, but it certainly felt that way to me. 

Granted, I would never recommend trying what I did to anyone out there, but for me in that moment, I just knew she would not sting me. In fact, before I made the attempt, I sent out a prayer in my mind. I asked for The Universe's help in protecting me so that I could in turn protect this bee. It was as though I had a force field from Star Trek surrounding my body, which meant that no harm could penetrate that boundary. In the end, I was rewarded with the gift of actually playing a role in another being's life. 

It was such an extraordinary few minutes—a Kodak moment in the making—and I am honored that this singular bee allowed me to share time with her in what was clearly going to be the closing of her corporeal life. After she made her way to the ground, she shuffled across the yard as best she could until she made it out into the world, but before she left, I thanked her for her existence. She represented all of her kind who have contributed to the pollination process over the Earth's lifetime, and it is because of each and every bee that not only I am able to eat the succulent delicacies of our planet, but so have all the beings in all of history. That's amazing! I couldn't help but allow the gratitude to truly flow through me.

...And let me tell you, after all that, I felt empowered! I was on one big fat glorious high, not from a drug, but simply from the act of conscious observation.

The rapture I have been feeling as of late has not just been about the insects either. A couple of weeks ago, I spent time spring cleaning the exterior of my place. I am a very clean and organized person, and even though no one else would have been able to tell that anything was out of alignment with my garden, I could, nevertheless, sense that it was time to jazz things up a bit.

I first rearranged my potted herbs. I have long since known that plants like to "hang out" with their friends, and as soon as I moved the mint a little closer to the other plants, it started to take off, while the lavender and rosemary showed their gratitude by finally beginning to bloom the very next day. I am talking about a mere few inches that these plants were moved, but they wanted me to shake things up, even just this tiny bit, in order to create more vibrancy within them. Thankfully, I paid attention to their needs and took the action they were looking for. With the different layers of plants now perfectly positioned, I was ready to move on.

My herbal garden may have looked more content, but I had more to do. I was now on a mission. I needed the energy to flow better in the space and so I gave the windows a good scrub down. I then added more plants. I hung a new wind chime, and for the piece de la resistance, I created my first Medicine Wheel. 

Just looking at the Medicine Wheel conjures up a sense of enthusiasm within me, but it goes far beyond that. I now have the sacred space that I have wanted to create for quite some time, giving me the perfect outdoor meditation area. As I spend each day in my new space, I pay attention to the Universal Wisdom coming through me. The Medicine Wheel acts as a transcendent conduit for me to experience the Oneness with the Universe. A dawn of a new day is rising within me and I couldn't be more ecstatic for the process. 

I have been connecting with Nature at such a deepening level, that I can't help but be more connected to the Divine. And my yard has gotten in on the act too. It has never been so happy. I can practically feel the Zen exuding from its every pore. Even when I feel the troubles of the world while I am out and about, the second I step through the threshold into my yard, I am in Paradise.

Needless to say, there is little doubt in my mind, that when we open our hearts to our surroundings, then Mother Earth will respond in kind by making us feel good. Moreover, for every conscious moment we spend with Nature, we are not only stimulating our physical senses, but our sixth sense begins to blossom, as well. Ergo, the more we recognize that our outer world is a glorious gift, the more our inner world will expand, furthering our education to explore our magical intuitive selves—and that is yet another good thing!

So, as we spend time thinking about our mom's, step-mom's, grandmother's and aunties this month, let's remember to spend time honoring Mama Gaia too. 

...And so it is.

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

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