Saturday, April 16, 2011


So often we have a tendency to criticize ourselves. "I am having a bad hair day," "I am too fat," "I don't have enough money," and so on. We are all familiar with these phrases and then some, because most of us have said them at one time or another. Well, I say to you now to give yourself a break! You are part of the Divine Energy that flows throughout the Universe and you are perfect!

I have been educating my nieces and nephew to affirm every night who they love. They say their parents, grandparents, their auntie (that is me), each other, the animals, the planet, sometimes Justin Bieber gets thrown in there and whatever else they feel like saying. As their grand finale I have taught them each to say that they love themselves. It touches my heart every time they joyfully practice their "I love me's". They are learning at an early age to forgo their fears regarding their own Divine Nature. Not to mention, this has become a fun tradition that the kids love to do.

It occured to me if the kids could do it then so can I! I felt the Universe guide me to affirm during a quiet meditation two phrases in conjunction with one another. They were:

"I love myself!"


"I am the perfect Universe!"

I have to say that I immediately felt myself being healed as I focused on these words. My chakras, internal organs and my hard to reach back were all recipients of this wonderful restorative energy and because of this I have bloomed into a new woman!

It has been scientifically proven that thoughts create our realities. In one such study, Dr. Masaru Emoto wrote about his findings with water. When he blessed the water by putting a positive word on the glass such as Love, Mother Teresa, Joy etc something wonderful would happen. Under a microscope each loving affirmation provided a different crystaline formation in the water that looked like a beautiful snowflake. When he put negative words like Hate, Hitler, War and so on, instead of the beautiful crystal, the water looked like a nuclear wasteland. Considering that we are about 70% water, what are we doing each and every time we place a negative affirmation towards ourselves?

It is time to be loving to the one person we spend the most time with...and that is YOU! It is equally important to teach our children to love themselves, as well. Think how much happier we would all be if we honored the Divine within us. As we feel lovingly towards ourselves, our love will expand throughout the planet and beyond. As we do so, our world will be a more peaceful place. So, let go of your fears and express your joy at who you are. As Dee Wallace says at the end of her radio shows, "Love yourself, love yourself and love yourself more!"

Thank you so much for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

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