Thursday, March 17, 2011


Yesterday, I listened to a webinar hosted by Jennifer McLean with her guest for the hour Sonia Choquette. The topic of her dialogue was that we need to learn to say YES to our Inner Guidance system instead of asking why. Our ego has a tendency to get involved with our Inner Wisdom questioning everything instead of just doing what Source is guiding us to do. Choquette teaches that if we listen to our Spirit Guides on EVERYTHING we will be happier, healthier and more aligned with our True Spirit Nature.

In fact, she emphasizes that our Guides want to help us, we simply have to ask. Every day, she requests that the Universe bring her a gift. She does not name what the gift should be. She simply chooses to be open to receiving. Every day within 24 hours a gift shows up. Whether it is big or small she recognizes the gift and says "THANK YOU!" The more gratitude we feel, the more gifts that show up for us. So, for example, she had a client coming for an appointment, but she really wanted a nap. The client then cancelled so she could take a nap...that was the gift! She recognized it and thanked the Universe for it.

She then went on to convey another story. She was on her way to take her annual summer trip to Paris with five others. At the last moment when they were in line boarding her Guides told her to get on another flight. She asked the attendant if there was another flight. The attendant became argumentative and before checking her computer she said that there would not be another flight. It is summer. All flights are booked, etc. Choquette kept repeating, "You look and I will pray." As she was praying the other attendant was so annoyed with this display, he walked away. After a long haul of trying to convince the first attendant to look, she finally did. Six seats had just opened up on another flight! The attendant still skeptical advised that, "It would be very expensive." Again, Sonia said, "You look and I will pray." Just then the captain of her flight came out to report that he needed to cancel the flight due to mechanical problems. The attendant said, "The flight is!" All of the people in her party got a seat and one of the seats was in business class, so Choquette took that one. Another gift was received, because she was open.

After sharing this story, McLean commented that one has to be “looney” and just do what our Guides tell us to do. Choquette then responded that we do need to be looney. But what does looney really mean...LUNE-Y. Lune is French and comes from the Latin word luna for moon. Therefore, looney is simply about being guided by the moon!

As these words came out of her mouth through my speakers, a wave of energy went through my body and I began to weep with joy. I had a moment of recognition. You see, as part of my Spiritual practice, I honor the moon. It is a symbol for the Divine Feminine and Creating our purpose on Earth. It works in harmony with the oceans’ tides. Our own bodies flow with the rhythm of the moon. It is a source of Light in the midst of darkness. It is truly beautiful!

The reason why I had such an intense reaction was because as a child people used to mispronounce my last name. They still do saying TWO-KNEE instead of TON-KNEE. As an adult, I have learned to say that, “My last name is Tunney, which sounds like funny, honey and three favorite things,” which always gets a laugh, not to mention that people remember my name from that point on. But as a kid, I did not know how to handle it. The other children so often mispronounced my name and added the word looney beforehand making it, "LOONEY TWO-KNEE". Back then I was so devastated by these words, thinking it meant I was crazy. While on the physical plane the kids were either being unkind or just joking with me, I realized now that on the Spiritual plane they were simply giving me a message about the power of the LUNE or the moon. I had no awareness that my subconscious was still carrying this pain from my childhood and in a flash my entire perception shifted. If someone calls me LUNE-y Tooney then bring it on!

After receiving this message, I thanked the Universe for my gift. I also wrote Ms. Choquette a note expressing my gratitude and now I share the story with you.

We have a tendency to misperceive things and then hold onto the negative story we created, even when we are not aware of it. When someone is being unkind, look at the bigger picture and see what message is really coming through. When you are feeling that your Spiritual path is a little too looney to share with others, simply remember the LUNE aspect and know that you are a perfect catalyst for your Creation and that all is well in the Universe.

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

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