Sunday, February 20, 2011


My grandmother shared with me recently that in the inside she still feels like the 18-year-old young woman that she once was so many decades ago. I immediatly had a burst of recognition, because as a woman in my mid-forties, I too still feel like the 18-year-old I once was. Our physical body ages as we spend time on this planet, but why is it that we still feel like we always have inside?

Well, this morning I received the answer while reading a wonderful book, Where Eagles Fly by Kenneth Meadows. The following is excerpted from this book:

"Your Spirit is the essence of you and it is ageless. That is why as you get older in Earth years, you feel no difference 'inside'. Although your physical body is in a constant state of change - from birth through infancy and childhood to adolescence, adulthood and maturity - and your appearance changes, you remain 'you'. You are aware of the same 'you' throughout all those years. So although your body changes, as do your thoughts and opinions, your identity remains the same. Age does not diminish 'you'. At sixty you are the same 'you' as you were at sixteen. You are always 'you' and always will be because the purpose of Life is to thrive and endure - that is, to grow naturally (organically) - in a continuous process of education, cultivating and perfecting the Spirit."

Ah-Ha! That's it! I was so excited to read this. The answer was so simple and so obvious, yet alluded me until I was ready. I knew our Spirit is our True Self, but it never occured to me that this Agelessness I feel is due to my Spirit Self. This body is merely a borrowed shell that we use as a tool to remember that we are Spirit; that we are indeed a part of the God-Force. Our physicality simply helps us to expand our Spirit Consciousness.

When you look in the mirror and see the wrinkles, sun spots, and body parts that are no longer in the same places they once were, look deeply into your eyes and see beyond the physicality of your Being. See the True Light that you are. Your Life is Ageless, Perfect and Whole. You are beautiful and Ageless!

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

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