Wednesday, January 12, 2011


For the last week it has been FOGGY in the Bay Area, which is really unusual outside of the city. It has been so cold, it feels like snow (also unusual). Since everything in the physical world is a metaphor for us spiritually, both individually and collectively, I realized that the fog symbolizes the fog in our minds. In other words, we do not know where we are headed, we are worried, and we are not allowing our innate inner wisdom to shine through to understand the answers.

This morning, after nearly two weeks of this weather, I decided it was time to go on a shamanic journey (a type of meditation) to it and find out what the planet needs. The answer that came through was to PRAY LOVE and LIGHT. Not one to argue with the Universe, I began to pray this affirmation. Within minutes the fog totally lifted and the sun began to peak out of the thinning grey clouds.

An hour later, I decided to take a walk and practiced my LOVE and LIGHT prayer outside and as I did so, the clouds parted until I could only see blue sky above me. I continued this meditation during my entire hour and half long journey and indeed the sky remained clear and blue wherever I was walking. The squirrels were playing by the dozens, various pairs of vultures gracefully glided across the sky, while the other birds were performing their songs as powerfully as any orchestra. Needless to say, it was beautiful! When I returned home, I glanced out the window overlooking the valley and the fog was still resting over the next town over, but left the entire area I had been. It truly was a miracle!

The other thing that happened is I felt my own LOVE and LIGHT shine through. As I was helping lift the fog from the physical world, my Spirit was clearing what no longer was serving it, as well. I felt as though I were on Heaven on Earth. Spreading LOVE and LIGHT to the planet was actually sending LOVE and LIGHT to me. In truth, I wasn't actually sending it to me, rather I was acknowledging my True Self as the Divine Love that I am.

Of course, we absolutely need cloudy rainy days to help support life on Earth, however the dramatic events that the weather is creating around the globe is in response to us and our thought processes. No matter where we are in the world we are having issues with the weather, which represent who we are as a whole. Our planet is moving through a massive shift and it needs our help to move it along. When we think these positive thoughts, we will begin to feel these emotions and when we can feel it collectively, that is when we will leap into the new reality.

Praying can be accomplished silently in our minds while we are on the bus, the metro, while walking or doing the dishes and of course while in deep meditation. We can pray in our minds at any time at all. Simply taking a minute throughout the day to PRAY LOVE and LIGHT helps to raise the vibration in all of us. We do not necessarily have to take an hour for a reiki session (though that would be nice too).
We have a symbiotic relationship with all things in the Universe. Once we recognize that fact and help support our planet with LOVE and LIGHT, we will cross the threshold to the New World that is beckoning.

If this speaks to you and you wish to participate in PRAYING FOR LOVE and LIGHT I encourage and welcome you to join me. We are in this together after all!

Sending LOVE and LIGHT to you all,


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