Saturday, August 19, 2017

10:16am ~ A Solar Eclipse Healing

Part of the reason I walk every day is because I am able to connect with not only my physical body and my physical surroundings, I am also able to connect with the Universe. I consider my daily walks a meditation—an active one, to be sure—and quite often it is
during this time of physical, mental/emotional and spiritual exercise, where I receive messages from the Universe. A couple of days ago, I received one such message. This was a message for not only myself, but for my friends, as well.

I was asked to invite my friends to join in on a distant healing session to take place at 10:16am Pacific Standard Time on Monday, August 21st. This was going to be the moment where the FULL solar eclipse would begin in the United States—an occasion when the veils between the worlds will be open and healing can occur more easily. Any solar eclipse is at the time of the New Moon, and this is when we create change. It is the point where we put forth our Creative Force so that we may expand our Spiritual Awareness and therefore, expand our realities here on on Earth.

Dubbed the Great American Eclipse, as it will be crossing 14 states, from Oregon to South Carolina, spanning from the West Coast to the East, this particular eclipse is the perfect opportunity to come together in order to amplify the energy of our intention. It also magnifies the energy of the number 14 (for the 14 states) and this is a number of manifestation of one's true desires, as well as the number 21 (the numerological breakdown of the date). According to Joanne Sacred Scribes, this is the number of one's Divine Life Purpose and Soul Mission. Hoorah!

Our intention is to send healing toward everyone who participates in the circle. The goal is to clear away the old paradigm in our energetic fields, and bring forth the new energies that will help us all step fully into our Earthly mission that we set out to do on our original Spiritual Contracts with the Universe. Then, with all that is occurring around the globe, I felt compelled that we each add a healing towards the planet at large. Moreover, when I typed the text to my friends, I encouraged them to invite their friends into the healing circle, as well. 

I will be at work at the time of the eclipse, so I sent my healing energies early, with the intention that it be sent at the moment of 10:16am PST, Monday, August 21st. Let me tell you, this was a fun session! There was so much Divine Feminine Energy involved, it reminded me of the ancient healing groups run by women. I have felt in my heart that this is where we are heading. It's not just about "me", it's about "us" working together in groups and this session acted as a metaphor for that goal.

In my part of the session, I visualized an hour glass stopped mid-flow to symbolize 10:16am on the right side of the healing space and a Universal clock showing the exact time and date of the session on the left side. All the healing activity would happen below these two time pieces as they floated above in the heavens. 

I invited several Goddesses to join in the practice. Ixchel, the Medicine Woman and ancient Mayan Moon Goddess, symbolizes our innate healing abilities. Lakshmi, a Hindu Goddess of Abundance. And Kali, another Hindu Goddess in charge of endings and therefore beginnings. It was She wiped away the old paradigm, so that Ixchel could perform Her healing, so that Lakshmi could bring to us our bright and abundant futures.

I pictured in my mind's eye, all of my friends gathering for this group in a circle holding hands, while the Goddesses presided over us. We are all spread out across the country, but energetically we are connected. Initially, I felt our collective third, fourth and fifth chakra all needing my attention. 

Chakra means wheel in Hindi. When I speak of chakras in this sense, they are energetic wheels within our body that are in charge of various aspects of our physical, mental/emotional and Spiritual aspects. There are seven primary chakras in East Indian thinking and in Native American cultures there are eight primary chakras. These seven (or eight) are the chakras that most people are referring to when they talk about chakras, all though it should be noted that there are actually hundreds of chakras spinning in our energetic field.

The third chakra is about our personal power. The fourth is about love, not just romantic love, but love of all beings everywhere. While the fifth chakra is about speaking one's truth. Immediately, I received the message, "We have the power, to speak our Truth, through Love and Loving actions." In other words, we are meant to be our true selves, whatever that may be. We have the power to do so and this power is implemented through Love. 

I repeated the mantra several times, as I cleared out the three chakras. When I do this, I usually "vacuum" them out and send the old muck to Mother Earth, where she can transform the old into new and vibrant energy. I then "sweep" out any remaining energy that no longer serves this space to make sure there isn't any residual old paradigm hanger-oners. I then invite a bright colored light that corresponds with the color of the chakra to come in and spruce up the place. 

For the third chakra, I called in the color of yellow, and the vibrancy of the sun to fill this space. For the fourth, the color of emerald green, and for the fifth, the color of a radiant blue sapphire. 

After, I completed the work on these chakras, I felt a blasting sensation in the second. So, I decided to clear all seven of the primary chakras (the eighth never needs to be cleared as it is our immortal Soul and direct liaison between the Earth Body and the Divine).

After the clearing, the first chakra was filled with a dynamic ruby red light. I filled the second with the bright orange swirls of a carnelian stone. The color of an indigo flower filled the third eye (or sixth chakra), while the light from an amethyst filled the seventh. I sprinkled fairy dust on all the chakras, to invite magic into our lives.

I then felt called that various Goddesses wanted to be in charge of our collective chakras. Mama Gaia sits upon her Earthly throne in our first chakra. The second is co-ruled by two Goddesses: Sarasvati, the Hindu creative Goddess and Maeve, the Celtic Goddess in charge of cycles and rhythms. The third is inspired by the power of the Amazons. The heart center, or fourth chakra, is ruled by Aprhodite, the Greek Goddess of Romantic Love and Kwan Yin the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion and Love of all Beings. Sophia is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom who helps us speak our truth with wisdom in our fifth chakras. Isis, the Egyptian patroness of nature and magic, is in charge of our sixth chakra. She helps us see the past, present and future. While Dana, the High Priestess Celtic Goddess rules over the seventh chakra, our connection to higher states of consciousness.

The Seven Primary Chakras.

I next imaged the world held between my hands as I sent it Peace, Love and Light and Ease as we move through this transition from the sole rule of patriarchal energy to a more prominent Divine Feminine Power. I pictured the water clear and blue and the flora and the fauna plentiful and happy. I pictured human beings working together in peaceful coexistence with not only other fellow human beings, but all beings everywhere.

I asked the Universe to continue the healing for as long as it needed. And as a part of my closing I performed a Victory Dance in my mind's eye. As though all of this healing had already manifested. 

Even though my intention was to have the energy sent at 10:16am PST, Monday the 21st of August, I decided to share this information in advance. I invite all who are willing and able to contribute their healing juju's and/or prayers to this beautiful practice. The more of us, the merrier! It's time to shift our personal consciousnesses, so that we may shift the consciousness of the entire planet and all it's inhabitants.


Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

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