Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I am reading the third installment of Ken Follett's Century Trilogy, called The Edge of Eternity. Great book. Like many of his novels, it is a work of fiction set around historical events. This story takes place in the sixties and I just finished reading the part where
Martin Luther King addresses his audience with his now famous, "I have a dream" speech. Even though this speech is more than a half century old and even though I have heard, at least pieces of it, many times throughout my 49 years here on Earth, it still never ceases to strike a sense of awe within me. Just by virtue of reading it on the pages of this novel, it moved me to tears. Beautiful words that speak to the deepest core of my being. 

Reading his words again, got me to think about my own dreams. So, along those lines, I have jotted a few things down here... 

I have a dream that ALL PEOPLE, no matter what race, gender, sexual orientation, income level, educational level, political beliefs, and spiritual beliefs, will live peacefully with one another. I have a dream that all of us will be treated with respect, love and dignity. 

I have a dream that women are paid the same as men in their chosen professions. 

I have a dream that everyone has a human RIGHT to have access to not only enough food, but access to HEALTHY and ORGANIC foods. 

I have a dream that human beings will learn (or rather re-learn) how to treat Mother Nature with dignity.

I have a dream that each and every single one of us will live in a world where we have the FREEDOM to live however we choose, without the threat of big brother at every turn. 

I have a dream that the words “homelessness” and “slums” will not even exist in our vocabulary—since all people will have comfortable housing to live in. 

I have a dream that all of us will have access to not only free health care, but the health care of our own choosing—whether that means allopathic Western medicine, or any form of Eastern, Shamanic, Energetic and/or Alternative Medicine. 

I have a dream that tax forms will only be one page with a mere two things to fill in. 1) We will write how much we earned and 2) we will calculate what 10% of that income is, and pay that—no matter if we are an individual, or a corporation, rich or poor—there will be no deductions, because it will be be a blanket tax, that everyone pays. When that happens the 10% that comes from the rich and from the corporations will wipe out the deficit, while the poor will not have to suffer a huge tax fee that they cannot possibly afford. I have a dream that the taxes we do pay will go to worthy causes instead of going towards warfare and political gains. I have a dream that lobbyism will be illegal and that the corporations will get their business out of politics. 

I have a dream that every child, no matter what his or her parent’s financial capabilities are, have the RIGHT to not only a traditional education, but also an education in any form of artistic and athletic expression they are interested in. I have a dream that every adult has the RIGHT to a college education if they so choose to have one.

I have a dream that all consenting adults will have the RIGHT to marry no matter what their sexual orientation may be. Love equals love, no matter the form.

I have a dream that some day everyone will be Awakened and will see that we are all Spiritual Beings having a human experience. None of us are better than anyone else. We are all good. This is my dream.

...And so it is.

Addendum - June 26th, 2015:

Only two days after I wrote this blog entry, one of my "dreams" came true.

One down. A few more to go...The Journey Continues...

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

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