Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Blood Moon

A Blood Moon has received its moniker, due to the fact that when there is a full lunar eclipse, the Moon appears to those of us on Earth as though it is dressed up in a fabulous ruby-red color. I had the opportunity to see a Blood Moon a few years
ago while I lived in California, but back then I was unfamiliar with this term. I simply wanted to gaze upon the Moon as she was blanketed by the Earth's shadow. It was a powerful meditation for me as The Universe gave me many messages throughout the eclipsing process, but then it happened. I wasn't expecting what came after the submerging of Light. From the total darkness of the night sky, the Moon was lit up for all to see with a crimson red glow and I was astonished, as well as elated. It had triggered the enthusiasm button in my brain. Grandmother Moon (or if you prefer The Man on the Moon) shined in all her resplendent glory and was certainly a site to behold.

So, for this morning's Blood Moon, I expected much the same, but as always The Universe, likes to change things up a bit. Here is how it went for me... 

I initially peeked at the Moon at the beginning of its nighttime show. The Moon was barely covered. I then started watching it again a few minutes before the Moon was fully eclipsed. Even though it was cloudy, the white Moon still radiated beautifully through the haze and I was glad to bare witness to this process. As the Moon reached the pinnacle of this event, a small piece of white Light in the upper right hand corner wished to hold on to its brightness for as long as it could until it was totally submerged in darkness. 

I next awaited for the bright crimson color to make itself known to me, but it never did. The clouds that had been sending a shimmering mist over the Moon must have blocked this particular color from being perceived. Admittedly, at first I was disappointed, but then I realized, that the darkness (or black color) is the color of Yin Energy, which accordingly represents the Divine Feminine Energy within all of us. This is the color of Creation, Intuition, Corporeal Self, Emotions, Inner Wisdom, The Collective Unconscious, Healing Energy, and so on. When I realized this piece of the puzzle, the Magic truly began.

In the midst of my meditation, my mind's eye perceived the Moon becoming three times its normal size. Even though it was dark, I sensed the Moon's Feminine Power and Greatness. I then witnessed a fluttering red light dance in a haphazard pattern across the Moon and I thought of Fairy Magic. The Fairy Magic lit up the Moon with fireworks, and I sensed that this was a turning point for me.

After this part of my Blood Moon ceremony, it took me a few minutes to get dressed and to write my notes from the morning's events, but when I emerged outside for my daily walk, I immediately made a point to gaze at the Moon. The rays of Light coming from the sun were beginning to peak out across the opposite side of the sky, which lit up the heavens into a bright azure blue. Even so, the Moon shined brightly in the West. However, I had never seen it look like this before. It was still covered in darkness at the bottom, which meant the top third of it was totally in the Light. The Moon is usually either full or waxing or waning, meaning depending on where we are on the planet we will see its left side or its right, but to see it from this perspective was miraculous. "Emergence," is what I said in my mind as it truly felt like it was emerging, or being re-born, into a new reality.

This created the mantra for my walk: 

"I am emerging...I am emerging...I am emerging." 

My entire physical body as well as my energetic body got in on the act too. At the deepest core of my Being I sensed that this statement was true. Like the butterfly who emerges from its cocoon, I was emerging into my Greater and Better Self—and I couldn't help but feel the inspiration radiating inside of me.

That being said, the moral of the story is that our expectations are not always met, but this can by an opportunity for our expectations to be surpassed. Allow yourself to go with the flow of life and experience life in all its glory at every waking moment. If we allow ourselves to see life from this perspective, even the so-called chaos can be viewed as beautiful.

...And so it is!

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

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