Thursday, July 31, 2014

Walking in the Rain

There is little doubt that I love the rain.  The sound it makes as the downpour crashes upon the Earth is music to my ears. Each droplet that rests on the various leaves give the illusion of diamonds shimmering against the flora. The green that
so prominently colors much of our natural landscape, becomes heightened during a good rainstorm. It's as though the trees and the plant life are all receiving a powerful energetic healing session—and they are. The rain feeds our plant life, nurturing them to become even greater representations of themselves. If a rainstorm comes my way, I open all the windows and doors. The newly clean smell of Mother Earth permeates throughout my house and I feel as though I have had a bath too. Needless to say, I love it!

That doesn't mean there aren't some drawbacks.  For me the only obstacle to rain is taking an hour long walk without a coat and without an umbrella. Getting wet for thirty seconds is great, but for the long haul, I wanted nothing to do with it.  So, of course, the Universe being what it is presented me with just that particular lesson.   
It was far too hot to wear a slicker. It's summer time in Sedona and for whatever reason, this year is the year for humidity. That means that even with just a tank top on, the jacket would have stuck to my skin.  No thank you. I looked outside and while it was sprinkling, I hoped that I could get my errands done without a torrential downpour.  Famous last words.

I started my brisk walk with just a random drop or two falling upon me.  I liked it. It was refreshing. The water cooled my overly heated body down.  It was a good thing. Ten minutes passed and a few more drops per minute found its way from the clouds and onto my body. More minutes raced by and more drops dropped. Suddenly I was in a shower of heightened proportions.  All I needed was a little soap and water and I would have skipped getting into the tub later on.

At this point, I became a little irritated. Oh forget irritation, I was infuriated. How could this be happening to me?  I have things to do. Can't you just wait for thirty minutes until I get home to start? The more I complained, the harder it rained. Ah, such as life.

That was when I had a visitor. Not a visitor in in this 3-D reality that we live in, but rather a thought that showed itself in my mind. I could see very clearly the Buddha as he sat under the Bodhi Tree. Here was this man searching for Enlightenment as he sat down for days—weeks even—to experience the breadth of his Universal Truth.  He was determined.  Even though Father Sky pummeled him with a whole lot of water, the man didn't budge.  He stayed in a place of Divine Serenity.  He became Enlightened, and the rest is history.

While I do not claim to be in any way near the Buddha's level of Awareness, I am still on the path, just as we all are, to obtain this auspicious goal of reaching Spiritual Maturity. After realizing what had to be done, I admittedly harrumphed for a moment. But after ego had its say, I moved back into the place of Spirit and shifted my way of thinking. In this particular case, the rain felt a little chaotic, but even amid chaos we can choose to see the ever present Light.

I began taking conscious breaths, so that I could become present within my body. I paid attention to how each individual drop felt against the various parts of me. I felt somehow lighter. I noticed the energetic flow moving throughout my body. I was receiving an energetic healing session from the rain! It was acting as a metaphor, clearing out all the old energies and old beliefs that no longer served me. My getting wet was simply another way of connecting with the Infinite wonders of the Universe and I began to fall in love with the sensation.

That's when the rain abruptly stopped coming down!  

I not only learned that accepting what "is" creates the change that we actually seek, but also I remembered that change is the absolute constant of our reality. It's not just the rain, but all chaotic experiences can be viewed in the same manner.  It is up to us to become present in our bodies and go with the flow of life rather than fighting to go upstream. When we flow, the magical doors of manifestation open up to us. When we fight, we stay locked up inside our self-imposed prison cells.  

It is time to take the key to each of those doors that have been blocking us. It is time that we cast aside our old beliefs and swing those gateways open so that we can experience the life we were always meant to experience—one filled with Peace, Love, Joy and Prosperity.

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

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