Sunday, March 30, 2014

You are Already Perfect

Recently, I told a client at my day job that she was perfect and didn’t need to change anything about herself.  Initially, instead of accepting the compliment, she blatantly rebuffed my words.  In her mind, I was merely making a sales pitch to get her to buy
our products.  After hearing her response, I told her that while I am a sales person when I am at this job, being a Spirituality teacher by far and away outweighs anything else.  It is the driving force within me, and as such, I asked her if she thought that God made a mistake when creating her.  I could see the wheels of her mind in motion as she paused to think about what I had said.  By answering ‘yes’ she would be claiming that her Divinity was somehow capable of making an error in judgment. That certainly would not do at all.  However, I could feel her discomfort at admitting her majesty. So, I let her off the hook by chiming in before she had the chance.  That is when I enthusiastically exclaimed, “Of course not!  You are already perfect, just as you are right now!”

As though this may have been the first time anyone had not only observed, but also commented on her greatness, I could sense the shift within her.  I am not certain how long it lasted, but for that brief moment she recognized that she was indeed perfect.  It didn’t matter how much she weighed or how old she was.  It didn’t matter what clothing she had on or what car she drove.  She embodied perfection—just as we all do.

Unfortunately, we have been repeatedly taught to denigrate ourselves. How many times do we look in the mirror and think how we hate our hair.  I know I have certainly been guilty of this action myself, but I have made a change in my way of thinking.  If I am not fond of how my hair looks on a particular day, instead of complaining to myself, I change the style in order to display something that I do like. That being said, if thoughts create our reality, I choose to send loving thoughts to myself instead of ones that torture my self-esteem.

Taking this idea further, I once kept on hold one of the rings we sell at my day job for a couple of months.  I was determined to buy it, but I preferred to wait until I paid off my previous purchase. Finally, the day arrived when I was to take it home, when I suddenly received a download from the Universe that I was to put it back on display again.  Considering I was guided by my intuition to hold it in the first place, I was a bit taken aback when I was being directed to put out for sale. Regardless of my surprise, I know better than to argue with my Higher Self. So, I willingly released it.  I did, however, ask in my mind, if at the very least I could help the person it was meant to go home with.  I didn’t know if I would have this opportunity or not, but at least I claimed my intention.

The very same day, I helped a woman from East India.  We discussed the Hindi religion and she was impressed that I knew as much as I did. Needless to say, we had a nice rapport.  Suddenly in the midst of our conversation, I interrupted her by asking if she would excuse me for a moment.  The Universe was talking to me and I had to listen.

I walked over to the place where I had put the ring only an hour or so before.  I gently picked it up and walked back to the client.  She didn’t know what to make of my behavior, and she wasn’t even looking to buy anything for herself anyway.  Even though that was the case, the Universe knew more.  Without saying a word, I presented the ring to her.  The expression on her face was the giveaway that this ring was always meant for her.  I had simply been holding it until she arrived.  With love in her eyes, she asked me how much it would cost.  I told her the amount and that is when she moved into fear.  She announced that she could not possibly spend that much on herself.  If it was for her daughter that would be one thing, but never for herself.

Without her realizing it, she told me so much with her words.  I felt compelled to put my teacher hat on again.  I matter-of-factly stated that it is one thing if she didn’t have the means to purchase this item.  It would not do her any good to go into debt over a material object.  However, if she was telling the Universe that she was not worthy of this item, then she was disregarding the Divine Feminine within her.  I continued by telling her that stones and other objects “call” to us.  They are the ones that actually want to come home with us.  It was obvious this stone was calling to her, simply by the expression she had when she saw it. 

Maybe some people would say that sounded like a really good line, but the reaction to my words that we both had acknowledged the Truth to what I had said.  It was then when we both started crying and hugging each other.  Let me tell you, under normal conditions, in order to be the successful salesperson that I am, I have to so heavily turn on the Masculine energy within me that my strong Feminine emotions get shoved into a corner—but, not on this occasion. We each embraced our Divine Feminine Aspect and it was a very powerful experience for the both of us. Needless to say, she did indeed buy it for herself and I shall never forget our shared experience.

The best way to remember our magnitude is to have a daily meditation practice. When we meditate we allow ourselves to go within so that we may embrace the Universal Truth of who we really are.  True beauty does not come in the form of photoshopped images of super-models.  Those people don’t exist.  What is beautiful is recognizing the perfection within no matter what we look like on the outside.

It is time that we recognize the God and Goddess within us.  The Divine is not somewhere out there sitting on a throne passing judgments our way.  We ARE the Divine.  Like a friend of mine once said, we are all different leaves on the same tree of life.  That means that you, me and all that is manifest is truly a miracle in and of itself.

…and So It Is.

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