Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Flowers for Thanksgiving

Last Monday night the Universe downloaded the message to me that my friend needed some financial help.  So, I decided to donate some money to her so that she could buy what I call Sacred Food (meaning organic foods that actually nourishes the body) for the upcoming Thanksgiving day holiday.  I didn't tell her I was going to do it.  I just went to my computer and clicked on the send button through PayPal.  The next morning I received an inspiring note from her and it moved me so much I thought I would share it with you...

I am grateful for the gift, the gift of your friendship and for showing me (or rather re-awakening) my inner light. 
I would like to also share something with you.

I saw a recipe for a sweet potato casserole and I decided I wanted to try to make it. So today I went to get the ingredients hoping that it wouldn't be too much given the current situation.
There was a man outside the store volunteering for the Old Mission.  I had two dollars in my wallet.  I gave him what I had saying that I have been Blessed in hard times.  Then, I thanked him for being a volunteer. He had a big smile on his face.
I noticed at that time a young lady sitting on a bench head down and seemingly very sad. So, I went inside and got what I needed.  It was a bit more than I expected. Even so, at the register I looked down and noticed some flowers. I decided to get them for the young lady sitting outside. I didn't hesitate for I knew that the universe was smiling. I looked up and said, "Thank you everyone in the heavens for the abundance!"

I went over to the lady and said, "These are for you. Happy Thanksgiving!"  She looked up at me and with tears in her eyes she said, "Thank you for making me feel special but you don't know me."  I told her that I saw her sitting there and thought they would make her smile. I also added that she IS special. I wished her well and as I walked away I told her that I hoped her burden would be lifted soon. All she said was, "It just did." 
Well, now I had tears in my eyes.
Then, I came home, opened my email and there was this beautiful gift from you!
Thank you for listening/reading. 

Namaste and have a wonderful day!
As I read these words, I realized that my friend "paid it forward" before she actually knew that the Universe was sending her anything.  She simply had faith that even with her financial hardship she would trust that all is it truly always is.  With her generous gifts of not only money, flowers and her attention, she helped to shift three people that day: the mission man, the flower lady and myself.  What a powerful gift and I give my gratitude to her for that.
Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)