Saturday, May 5, 2012

Judgment Day

As an unpublished writer, I have to take work whenever I can get it to help supplement my income.  So, it was an easy decision when I was asked to participate in a five-day trade show.  There was only one issue.  I would be working and living along side some mean-spirited people—and that didn’t suit my Spiritual Self one bit.

While I was never the butt of anyone’s jokes, one person in the group who was a kind and simple man was the recipient of much of the ill-will coming from the others.  With each foul word and thought that was projected his way, my heart sank a little further.  It didn’t matter that the words were not directed to me personally, I felt them just the same.  So, I took it upon myself to go out of my way to be kind and generous with my words to this particular man so that the others could at least witness some compassion for themselves. 

Furthermore, I wanted to spend as little time with the bullies as possible and each night when it came time for our evening meal, if those people were going to be there, I was going to stay in.  Interestingly enough on the last night the Universe had other plans for me.  Three of us had the intention of going out alone, away from the fire of brutality.  However, as we arrived at the valet parking we noticed that the car directly in front of us was filled with the people I was trying to avoid.  There was no stopping it now.  We would have to spend time at the dinner table with them.  I rolled my eyes towards the heavens asking in my mind what on Earth the Universe wanted me to learn from all this.  I was clearly being directed to eat with them, but that didn’t suit my egoic self one bit.
As we sat together in the restaurant, one unkind remark after another continued to be spewed out towards anyone that didn’t fit in these people’s proverbial box of normal.  At one point, I decided I had to get up from the table.  I wasn’t sure where I was going to go, but I needed a break.  The flamb√© bar seemed to be the perfect place for me and I meandered my way through the room until I reached it.  Gazing upon the pastry chef’s techniques as she prepared succulent fruit and brandy deserts, I looked forward to sampling my first taste. 

She whipped up my order to perfection and I mustered up the strength to return to my table.  The succulent berries mixed with the juice from the fruit, brandy and a bit of brown sugar was a slice of the Divine and I was happy. 
Unfortunately, not long after I endeavored to eat in peace, more words from the group came flailing out.  I couldn't take it anymore and this time I took it upon myself to figure out why I had to be there.  I looked up from my bowl and gazed at the others sitting across from me.  I asked the Universe to tell me what was going on—and that’s when I received my answer.  These men, so filled with judgment towards others were driving me crazy, but I too was filled with my own bit of judgment.  I had spent several days in judgment of them.  They were a mirror for me!

Changing my thought process I sent Compassion, Love and Light towards the people they were being mean to.  I sent Compassion, Love and Light towards the mean-spirited individuals at my table who were teaching me a bit about myself—and finally I sent Compassion, Love and Light towards myself for my participation in this game of life.
The point I am trying to make is that when we criticize others, what we are really doing is criticizing ourselves.  Everyone and everything in our perceptual realities is simply a mirror for who we are in each moment.  When we are feeling uncomfortable, look within to find out the reason behind our discomfort.  Remember, the common denominator in all our life’s events is us. We are always there and we are always the reason for everything that we are attracting.  Instead of placing blame, look within and send everyone involved your Compassion, Love and Light.  We all deserve it.

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)