Sunday, April 15, 2012

Connecting with Mother Earth

My friend had been telling me about this particular spot she wanted me to see since the first day I met her. She claimed it was sacred land, but the Universe was only allowing me to see a terrain filled with mechanically crushed up store bought rocks. Viewing that in my mind’s eye didn’t seem so special, nor did it feel very sacred. Needless to say, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about going. However, after two months of knowing about this place, I was finally talked into joining my friends on their trek to this unfamiliar place.


The four of us filed out of the SUV in due course and as I passed the threshold leading to the land my heart began to leap with enthusiasm.  This was not at all what I saw in my mind.  In fact, though I was in the heart of the high desert, I gazed upon a lush meadow of various shades of green.  The introductions to the people residing there were made, but I found myself being pulled like a magnet to continue my journey through the land.

I first noticed a brass shaped pyramid resting on the grass that one could sit under.  Being a fan of the pyramid, not only for its shape, but for its energetic capabilities, I was slightly taken aback that this was not what was calling me on this day.

Instead I moved to the left and discovered an outdoor labyrinth that had been shaped into the lawn.  Only two and half years before I had an epiphanic experience with the labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral in France and I looked forward to exploring what would come up within me while walking this outdoor labyrinth. 

Having only experienced the one maze before, I was surprised that it didn’t look the same.  Chartre’s labyrinth is sectioned off in joining quadrants, meaning one walks in one quarter of the maze before moving onto the next section.  This one was shaped in an outwardly expanding circular motion.

We began our day together at the entrance to the labyrinth.  The caretaker, who is an energetic practitioner himself, opened a box of feathers for us to choose.  The idea was that we would walk down a straight path to the center of the labyrinth, where we would hold the feather to our heart chakra, state our intention for our healing and/or manifestation, bring the feather close to our lips in order to blow on it and finally attach it to the wooden post placed at the center.  I think of the center as a metaphor for the Divine and the feather as a symbol for my part in my own Divine Creation.

I picked the colorful feather of a peacock and I was happy for my choice as I held it in my hands. The array of color expressed the various shades of color in my own personality—all my various parts that represent me as a whole. 

The caretaker informed us that this particular day was as powerful energetically speaking for manifestation as December 21st, 2012 would be.  The energy of the land was already within me and not knowing anything about astrology myself, I believed his words to be true.  I took off my shoes and was given the message by the Universe that I would be last. 

So, I waited.

It then came to me which order we would all go in, and I was right—each person on their own accord walked in the order I saw in my mind.  I peripherally watched as the others walked down to place their feathers in the post, but in all honesty, I began to go within even before I started my walk down the path.  Mother Earth seemed to be calling for me to bend my knees to the ground and bow in child’s pose.  I aligned my spine as I had learned in Anusara yoga and recognized this act as a metaphor for my alignment with Source.  As my hands spread out over the grass, it seemed to me that today’s journey would be about exploring the Divine Feminine within me.  While in this position, I began repeating my intention, stating it in the present sense, “I AM the Queen of Receptivity.  I AM the Queen of Receptivity.  I AM the Queen of Receptivity.”  I had the Universal download in that moment that all my issues that were plaguing me were about the unconscious and conscious guilt I had about simply gracefully receiving—and therefore, I inadvertently was blocking myself from receiving in all areas of my life.

Eventually it was my turn and to walk down the aisle, as it were, and I suppose I could see how I was “marrying” myself.  Entering the center I performed the ritual and was told by the Universe to tie seven knots in the string that I attached to the post.  The number seven had been showing up repeatedly to me for years and I understood the reason, but in a flash my ego showed up and said that I misinterpreted the message and had to tie it eleven times matching my numerological number.  I tied the seventh and started to tie the eighth, but with each attempt I made to go beyond the seven knots one thing or another would not allow it to work.  I smiled at myself as I knew this was Spirit’s way of showing me I was right the first time.  So, I placed my hands on the feather with its seven-knotted string and thanked it. 

My journey through the labyrinth brought forth many ideas in my mind, but what stood out for me the most as I wound through circular shape was that at one point I was compelled to lie on my back, directly in the middle of the path, while continuing to repeat my affirmation.  Mama Gaia was determined to ground me in my physical body and I paid heed to the task.  As I lain there, I inadvertently began to Shamanic journey and loved the visuals being sent my way.  I felt great respect for the terra firma below and for the sun gazing down upon me and sensed the balance between the feminine and masculine—yin and yang at their finest.

After rounding out the exterior circle, I understood that I only needed to walk the path one time on this day.  I found this interesting because when I was in France I walked the labyrinth several times, spending three hours doing so and here I perhaps spent a half an hour and was finished—at least with part 1.

The caretaker and two of my friends gathered at the medicine wheel that had been created with various local rocks and a plethora of crystals in the center.  The caretaker plucked on an instrument I am unfamiliar with for quite some time, before replacing it with the beat of a drum.  I held several crystals in my hand and once again spent time shamanically journeying to the sounds emanating from the instruments in the caretaker’s hands.

Before leaving my friend told me she wanted to show me one more space on the property.  It was a somewhat hidden section where a stream moved through what looked like a fairies paradise.  Graceful trees, plants and the sounds of water keeping with the rhythm of life emanated for me the Divine Feminine once again.  Perhaps this was a small sampling of the Garden of Eden—it certainly seemed that way to me.

Peace and joy were the order of the day and I was grateful my friend encouraged me to come along.  Losing all sense of linear time, we left after spending three hours in this sacred space.  We had originally planned to be here for a mere ten minutes.

Interestingly enough, the second I sat down in the car, my emotional state began to shift.  I went from pure elation to slowly falling into an abyss.  I could see the patterns of old beliefs I had held onto unravel before me and while I wasn’t sure when they would come, I knew the tears were simply waiting for the right moment to arrive.

The following day, I had a conference call with a colleague who thankfully happens to be a friend, as well.  She asked how I was doing and I calmly told her about my beautiful experience from the day before and how as soon as I left I felt an increasing amount of anxiety.  I continued that I could probably cry at any moment—and as I said this I began to cry…and cry…and cry some more.  The flood gates had been opened and forty-five years worth of pent up anxiety was flowing out.

Obviously, there would be no talk of business on this day and I am grateful for the kindness of my friend who attentively listened to me tearfully explain what I was going through.  After offering her comforting words to me we finished the call and I began to “nest”.  I stayed in bed until 4:30 pm, spending time in both meditation and sleep mode before feeling called to get up to eat. 

While my ego was telling me I was being punished, my Spirit intervened advising me to genuinely feel every aspect of my physical, mental and emotional bodies as the old ideas that were no longer serving me were being released.  I could then embrace them as they were a part of me, while allowing them to leave my energetic space—making room for the good stuff to come in.  This wasn’t a punishment.  It was a reward for all my hard work through my Spiritual Maturation.

It occurred to me that the Universe initially showed me in my mind’s eye a bland terrain so that I would be nicely surprised and could feel things genuinely as they came up for the first time.  The land imparted great joy and permitted me to move through the pain that I had burdened myself for so long.  I am forever grateful for this profound experience that took place on the sacred land in Page Springs, Arizona that once belonged to the indigenous peoples of this country.  The presence of the Native peoples’ Divine Spirit heralded itself to me and I am humbled by gifts that were offered to me.

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)