Thursday, December 8, 2011

Being Present through Illness

I thought I had escaped it.  My family had been sick for two weeks, but I alone remained healthy.  Taking my Echinacea and drinking my herbal tea every day, kept my energy up and I felt quite lucky.  Then one morning, I woke up with an angry sore throat along with a raging fever to go along with it.  When the heat in the house was turned on, it felt like an air conditioner was blowing on my body and I had to bundle up—my body was that hot.  Then as the air turned off, perspiration flooded every inch of my skin and I had to tear every blanket off of me.  This oscillation between hot and cold lasted a couple of days.  After the fever took its leave of me, the phlegm decided to make its presence known.  My waste basket is now filled with a never ending sea of tissue that I have to empty out every day.  Yep, I have the same cold everyone else in the house has.

While being sick is certainly not my favorite place to be in, I am trying to take it all in stride.  When illness takes a hold of us, the Universe is giving us the opportunity to have our body release the old toxins representing old beliefs that are no longer serving us, making way for all the good stuff to come in—and that is certainly a good thing.

There is little doubt that I have made a giant leap in awareness in the last couple of weeks.  There is so much change occurring in every direction and I am allowing it all to flow through me.  As I became sick, I thanked the Universe for bringing me this opportunity to shift into a new level of consciousness.  One thing that I try do during this process is to remain present.  When I cough or have to blow my nose, I pay attention to how each part of my body feels as I am experiencing it.  I also observe my surroundings by seeing how the garbage grows with each passing tissue that I drop into it.  I notice how differently I feel in the morning, afternoon and night.  Whether better or worse, when I observe myself from an objective viewpoint, illness can be seen as quite a fascinating experience.  Our bodies endure so much and yet they can keep going.  It’s amazing!  So, this illness is triggering the reminder button in me to be mindful.  What a great teacher!

For the moment, I am sending my body the healing energy of reiki.  I continue my Echinacea and tea regiment and I make certain to drink my daily glass of orange juice.  The illness seems to be moving me through at spitfire rapidity compared to everyone else in the house that has gone through the same thing—and for that I am counting my lucky stars and recognize the blessings being bestowed upon me. 

So, keep in mind if illness opens its doors to you this season, that we are being offered an ending to the old, which of course opens a new door to new beginnings.  Sit and be present and allow the process to take place without argument. And remember that this day shall pass, bringing forth a new one and that it is all good!

Thank you for reading and Namaste!  (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)