Saturday, September 10, 2011

No Fear, just Love

It has been ten years, since the September 11th attacks. Celebrations of patriotism are occurring in the county where I reside and the media is on an ongoing blitz of bulldozing painful images down our throats. While my ego would love nothing more than to ignite the fear button, my Spirit has decided to take a different course of action. On this day of remembrance, I choose to reflect on the blessings that have occurred, stemming from that initial fear-based act.

Just this morning, I opened an email sent by Scott Heiferman, the co-founder and CEO of In it, he eloquently shares the story of his company’s provenance. He admits that as a native New Yorker he once ignored everyone around his neighborhood, but after the 9/11 attacks he began to say hello—as did everyone else. Furthermore, it inspired him to look to the internet to launch a gathering place for neighbors to organize groups with like-minded people and Meetup was born. He chose to see the Light in the situation and he has helped to change the world—one neighbor at a time.

I know for myself I opt to look at all the so-called catastrophes of the last decade, from the natural disasters to the man-made ones, as an opportunity for each of us to have a heart opening. On a Spiritual level, these situations occur to shock us into our innate sense of Love and Compassion for not only our neighbors, but for people from all over the world, who we will never meet or even see. In other words, the Souls who decided to leave their physical bodies behind are enabling the rest of us to raise the vibration of the planet and the Universe at large by filling our hearts with all the good stuff. From this perspective, I see it all as an amazing gift for it is the springboard helping us remember our Divine Connection and our True State.

Taking this into consideration, in lieu of turning on the news on this anniversary, I sat in meditation today visualizing hearts being sent from the heavens to all the land masses and to all the bodies of water coming from Mother Earth. A smile graced my face as I couldn’t help but feel the Love radiating from my energetic heart space. It was a beautiful thing.

So, in spite of the media’s dogged determination to regurgitate the same images of ten years before in our minds, I offer that we don’t give into the fear that they are promoting. Instead, I ask that we look to our hearts and embrace only Peace, Love and Light to every single Being in the Universe. It is our True Nature after all.

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

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