Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mosquito Madness

My alarm wakes me up at 4:30am these days to remind me that I need to take my walk before the sun rises and before the Arizona heat is too unbearable to take. While it is a little painful to wake up from the shock of a screaming alarm, I have to admit that I have become a convert when it comes to exercising in the morning. It is well worth waking up before the crack of dawn just to see the amazing colors the sky presents as the impending sunrise approaches. Arizona certainly has its skyscapes going for it that is for sure! They are the best sky views I have seen yet.

It’s not just the sky either—it’s also the sounds I get to hear. Most people are still asleep so, there are few, if any, cars on the road. The silence from humankind affords me the opportunity to hear the symphony of chirps coming from the crickets. I can attest that their performance gets louder as the heat rises, which I find fascinating. I am also able to hear the sounds of the birds waking up. It seems as though there is always a solitary tweeter that starts singing its melodious song, serving as a natural wake-up call for the rest to join in. It is all so lovely.

I have been practicing this routine for the last couple of months, but a few days ago something had changed. Along my path I was joined, not by one, but by many mosquitoes. I initially discovered them due to the fact that I could practically feel the wind being pushed against my face by the mosquito wings flapping back and forth. Additionally, I heard the never-ending obnoxious buzzing sound right next to both of my ears. My hands went into automatic flailing mode. I have to mention that the bug was not simply there for a moment where I had to brush the side of my head one time. No, that little bugger would not leave me alone and I spent a good fifteen minutes with both of my hands in the air. I am certain it must have been a ridiculously funny looking site to see—if anyone else had been awake to see it that is.

It didn’t end with the mosquitoes practicing their fly-bys on me either. Oh no, that would be too simple. Several of them kept landing on me. Not only was I throwing my hands next to my ears, I now had to brush them off my arms and my thighs too. This seemed a little too scripted to me and thought I might have been either on Candid Camera or a Monty Python film. Alas, the several bites all over me confirmed that this was the real deal.

As uncomfortable as this all was, it was clear to me that the Universe was definitely trying to get my attention and that Mosquito was serving as a messenger for me. It was important for me to go within to discover what it was all about.

First of all, it is only the females that bite humans, as they are gathering nutrients that the blood supplies for their young. This can be seen as the importance of the cycle of life and the continuation of the species. It can also serve as reminder of the strength of the Divine Feminine, through which our innate intuitive wisdom springs from. I also discovered in my research that it is thought that mosquitoes suck the unwanted qualities of the blood from us and when I read that, I knew this was a powerful metaphor for me. The mosquitoes represented the releasing of old beliefs that were no longer serving me. A-HA, that’s it!

Ever aware of my continuing journey down the road of Spiritual Awakening, I am continuously shedding old beliefs transforming them into new ideas that are not really new, but rather newly remembered. As I remember that my True Essence is Divinely inspired and not stemming from my ego, I learn to relax into the chaos that life sometimes presents. Admittedly, I am still not so relaxed when a bunch of mosquitoes are on the war path with me, but I can relax just a bit more through the curve balls that life throws at me—and perhaps that was the lesson that was needed to be learned. The mosquitoes were helping me to remember more of my own Light.

As I paused for a moment from writing to scratch one of the bites, a smile crossed my face. Even with the ubiquitous discomfort from all the itching, I can still smile through the pain…and that is a good thing.

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

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