Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Thanks to the people at Good News Network, I received in my inbox yesterday another positive story that lifted my Spirit. I was brought to tears of joy when I watched the video showing people on a boat rescuing a humpback whale that had been caught in a fisherman’s net. All they had at their disposal was a small knife. Yet, they worked tirelessly until they completed their task. Needless to say, I was put in a good mood after watching it.

Always one to share stories that inspire me, I posted the link on Facebook and a friend commented how she had goose bumps after watching it. I responded to her by writing that I have always felt a kindred spirit with the humpback and it was nice to see people taking empathic action towards a creature of our planet. As I wrote this, I realized that “empathic action” was a term I had never used before and it was clearly being downloaded by the Universe into my conscious reality. The term felt so right for me, as though it was a part of my auric field for an eternity (and indeed it has been) and now I simply knew what to call it.

I know for myself I could see how empathic action was playing a role in my life. For example, I have had a lifelong passion for the clean-up of planet Earth. For those of you old enough to remember, there was a commercial in the early 70’s where a Native American man is standing at the beach with a tear running down his face. As the camera panned outward, we see the reason for his emotional state. He is standing amongst a pile of trash that surrounds him at every turn that people threw on the sand without any thought of the consequences whatsoever. This haunting image has played a part in the creation of my own empathic action. I often can be seen picking up trash off of Mother Earth to relieve her pain caused by her inattentive children. Even as a six-year-old, when my babysitter demanded that I throw my paper cup under a tree, I protested the next day by going back, picking it up and throwing it away.

And since I was a teenager with the ability of exploring my town with more freedom than I had as a young child, I would always wait impatiently by any car whose owner left his or her children sitting there alone, only to wait for their mom or dad to return. Acting as a babysitter until the parent came back, I could be found even at sixteen, giving the supposed grown-up a piece of my mind for this careless act. Nowadays, I not only wait, but I use my cell phone and call the police, as well. It’s not that I want the person to get into trouble. It is my intention to educate them by explaining that the car heats up exponentially very quickly that is dangerous for any adult let alone a small child, not to mention that there are those people out there that have unsavory intentions towards children. Being gone in the store “for only a minute” can be a lifetime under such circumstances. I have felt compelled to act as protector for these children and embrace my empathic action with all of them.

Empathic action can be seen in so many ways—by donating money to worthy causes that speak to one’s heart; by dialing 911 when someone is in trouble; by volunteering time to various organizations; by watering a flower that needs to be watered, by stopping to pay attention to your child’s fantastic art display instead of telling him that you are too busy; by giving away your leftover meal to a homeless person, or better yet by buying a whole meal for him or her; by contacting your local congressperson to share your voice—and the list goes on and on.

We were never meant to walk away because we could not be bothered and we were not meant to sit around with a cup of coffee complaining to whoever happens to be around in the moment. Instead we were meant to see all the inhabitants of the Universe, whether person, animal, plant or earth as members of our own family to be treated with the nobility it deserves along with the utmost respect. It is time that we all stand up and take empathic action. I ask you, how will you?

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

This story would not be complete without sharing the video that inspired it. Please watch how we can make a difference through empathic action.

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