Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ninety Years Young

Today is the celebration of my grandmother's 90th birthday. It is such a lovely milestone and my aunt had the great idea for us all to write a memory down for us to share with her tonight. I thought I would share mine with you in hopes that you would take the time to think about the wonderful memories of loved ones in your life.

Walking down Memory Lane, I can see my grandmother in so many places I could not possibly single out one thing.

I see her teaching me the game of checkers. It initially surprised me to find out what a natural talent I had for it, as I had won every game! But, after awhile I started getting suspicious. When I confronted her, she denied all allegations that she knowingly allowed me to win. Even at three-years-old I knew the truth, but I thought how lucky I am to have such a wonderful grandmother!

I see her holding my hand as she walked down the aisle for a second time to renew her vows with Jack. I looked forward to my duties as a flower girl, but when I saw so many grown-ups I couldn’t go through it alone.

I see her standing in the kitchen with Jack and me, cheering us on as we practiced our Abbott and Costello style schtick we developed on my eighth Christmas.

I see her in the garage revealing to me for the first time her creative talent when she showed me a beautiful painting she had created that she had long since hidden away. I didn’t understand why it wasn’t out on display. I was so impressed with her gift that I wanted to be able to paint like her.

I see her questioning why I wore such crazy clothes as a teenager. Needless to say, the Madonna Boy Toy look was not her thing.

I see her taking me on many shopping expeditions to find beautiful things for my home.

I see her putting me in a trance as she tickled my arms and face when I was a little girl while she sang itsy bitsy spider to me — and I see her putting me in a trance as she tickled my arms and my face well into my middle age. These days, she leaves out the itsy bitsy spider bit.

I see her sharing the stories of her life, giving me a glimpse of her personal history. They have made me feel as though I was actually there with her.

When I see my grandmother in my mind I think of:

The Color Yellow

Bracelets, Clip-on Earrings and her Precious Wedding Band Set

The Fabulous Wedding Day Photo of Jack & Bette that Life Magazine Could Have Published

Garden Gloves, Hand Shovels and Her Impeccable Garden

The Gentle Scent of Roses

Books, Books & More Books

Femininity at its Finest

Paintbrushes, Kilns and of course China

Decorating, Garage Sales and Thrift Shops

Traveling the World with her man

AND The Marriage I Admire Most!

Thank you, Bette for being a part of my memories and for being my beautiful grandmother. I LOVE YOU!

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

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