Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Developing Your Intuitive Skills

A great tool to help you with your journey towards tapping into your intuitive self is to keep a Psychic Journal. Keep it with you, so you can jot notes down as they come up. Write down strange coincidences. Do you keep running into the same person? Do see a person that you just thought of even though you haven’t seen him for a long time? Have you heard the same song over and over again from different sources? Has a friend of yours just said something that you know is “true”? Are you continuously seeing the same number, color, animal or anything at all? If you keep seeing the color blue, it is trying to tell you something. Perhaps you are dealing with throat chakra issues. Perhaps you need to learn to communicate or speak your truth. Maybe you have recently healed the throat chakra issues, etc.

Are you psychically “hearing”, “seeing”, “knowing”, “tasting”, “smelling” or “feeling” anything? Even the small things count. As you practice you will start getting the bigger answers too.

Connecting with Nature is an important factor for increasing your intuition. I do not just mean going to the park for a quick walk (though exercising is very important and of course exercising outside is great, this is different). I mean paying attention.

What are your eyes focusing on? Do you keep seeing a particular color? Are your eyes captivated by a particular stone or leaf or bird? Do not analyze. Simply observe. Watch the raven fly above. How are his wings moving? Is he communicating with the other birds? What color is he? Is he eating? Pay attention to his wingspan. Do you feel lighter when you notice your surroundings?

Do you notice a fly? Flies eat the garbage, getting rid of the waste. You can metaphorically think of them getting rid of the energy that is no longer serving you.

Are you paying attention to a stream? Water is about power, patience and creativity. It is a force that will figure a way to keep moving. It is patient, but will change the shape of the Earth and rocks over time. It’s about the Divine Feminine and Creation.

Feel free to touch the flower if it is capturing your attention. Just remember not to pick them as that will kill them. They are Beings too!

Take off your shoes and feel the grass beneath you. How does it feel against your skin? What shade of green is it?

Think of all the details you can think of and start thinking about their symbolism. What are they trying to tell you? For example, on one of my walks, I saw roses fully bloomed. I knew I had to open my heart chakra and pull back my shoulders improving my posture. I paid attention and did so. On the same trip, I saw a new leaf that had a slight rip in it, but also had several sparkles. I knew instantly that this meant that life has its tears or snags, but it is also filled with many sparkles. Life is always starting anew and we can continue to grow if we so choose. The color green represented the heart chakra. If I open my heart I open myself to the wonders of the world. The veins of life run through it as they do through me. All this from a single leaf! It’s all good!

I have intuited many things for clients by reading the landscape, cityscape or the clouds. It does work!

Meditation is also another important avenue for increasing your intuition. When we calm our minds, we allow Source to flow through us naturally. A daily meditation practice helps to bring insight to us not only when we are meditating, but also at all times during the day (even while we sleep).

Exercising the body, helps exercise the mind. When you physically exercise, endorphins are released throughout the body. This endorphins help to make a person happy, relaxed and balanced, allowing for you to actually receive the information that is all around you.

Ask your guides for help. You may not be able to see them yet, but they are there. They want to help you, but you need to ask. Before meditating, taking a walk, or doing your dishes for that matter, ask for their assistance to help you with your clarity.

Show gratitude for everything. When we are grateful for everything we already have, the Universe will send more goodies our way. Even when we have seemingly nothing, we still have the air that we are breathing, the legs that enable us to walk, the food on our table, the trees that surround us, etc. Instead of focusing on the lack, be grateful for the abundance that already surrounds you. Your heart and crown chakras will open even more inviting intuitive information to come in.

Just remember the more you put into improving yourself the more the Universe will share with you. Make the time to practice every day and the Universe will reward you. We didn’t learn to drive or walk the first time. Just keep plugging along. Practice makes perfect and the more we practice the better we will be. Let go of the fear. Let go and let God. We are all Spirit Beings having a human experience. The more we help our Spirit the more we will be open to the information that surrounds us AND the more content we will feel.

And don’t forget to teach your kids to appreciate their surroundings. They are people too!

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you.)

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