Wednesday, August 5, 2009


When most people think of mysticism, they certainly don’t associate it with science. I recently discovered that both Einstein and Newton, two of the greatest scientific minds of all time, were practicing mystics. To be fair, it is likely that neither historical figure had an inkling that they were practicing mysticism. They weren’t spewing out religious ideologies to followers, but they did indeed use this esoteric form of gathering information to complete their studies. One might ask how they were doing this and the answer is quite simple: they both meditated on their hypotheses to develop conclusions for their theories. As they sat listening to their inner wisdom, the Universe would provide the answers they needed to clarify their scientific research and they would later put it all on paper for the world to see.

The word mystic conjures up images of a strange ethereal person seated with his eyes closed, rocking back and forth while chanting in a dark room filled with religious icons. Candles may be burning, and the fragrance of incense is inevitably looming in the air. While a practicing mystic may utilize various material goods to symbolize their spiritual methodology, these earthly objects are not at all necessary. One just has to close their eyes and go within to reap the benefits of the infinite knowledge that is out there waiting for all of us to tap into.

People like Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow have brought Kabbalism, which is a form of mysticism into the limelight in recent years. There are those that snicker at their beliefs, but placing judgement on something that is not understood is a form of fear.

Essentially, in any mystic practice the ultimate goal is to have an intimate relationship with the Divine. It does not include reciting rehearsed prayers. It does include going within and communing with Source Energy, however that Source appears to you.

We are all incarnated on this Earth to fulfill our destinies, whatever that means for us. Yes, we have freewill and can decide while we are here what course we wish to take, but whatever direction we choose, we are here to learn a great deal of lessons. With each step and each lifetime we get a little closer to our True Spiritual Natures. When we are ready to take a leap into the truly spiritual realm, we see that there is not a God to be afraid of. The 'fear' of God has no meaning for me whatsoever.

Everything in the universe is a part of the Divine Source; that includes us. As a component of this Divine Energy we continue to create our realities; each of us having our own perceptions. There is a wonderful example of this on the first episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, called The Emmisary. Two different people land their ship and when they exit, they see two totally different things. One sees a serene lush green paradise. The other sees, a grey-black barren stormy space. The outward experience represented how they inwardly felt. We do this all the time. Do you see Heaven or Hell here on Earth?

In the mystic experience, we are guided on our paths. We are permitted to ask questions and responses come our way. When we are in the "flow" of things, when things just all seem to be going right, we are simply aligned with our True or Higher Selves. What is the mystic experience like? Well, that's up to you. Some people hear things, some people see things, some people know things. You can even taste and smell things.

Dreams are mystical experiences, as well. These nighttime visions are not just a release from the day's events. They are symbolic messages from the Universe. They are not always easy to decipher, but once you develop your skills, it becomes increasingly easier.

Meditation and shamanic journeying are the conscious ways to experience the Divine. We may see a color, or an animal or a movie in your head. You may have to do a little work to understand what the messages mean. In addition, each message may have a layer of meanings. We just have to peel the onion, as it were, to figure all the levels of significance for us.

Sometimes we are guided to buy books definining symbols. If you choose to do this, remember that books are written by another person, who has their own perception on things. If you are drawn to a particular book then it is there for you, but take each meaning with a grain of salt. Accept what works for you and toss out the rest.

The important thing, is to listen to your inner wisdom. When others try to convince you that their way is the only way, but it doesn't sit well with you, don't let them sway your decision. You are right for you and that is all there is to it.

Whether you are a scientist, a secretary, a gardener, a CEO or the Dali Lama, Source Energy doesn't differentiate between us. We are all part of the Divine Community. We each have an opportunity to communicate with our Guides. Take advantage of these messages from the Universe. They are here to help us along the way.

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

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