Monday, July 11, 2016

Manifestation Mania

I had been without a car for several years. At first it didn't matter, because I was living in Paris. The Metro can get you just about anywhere quite easily. So, having a vehicle in The City of Light was a non-issue. However, my days is Arizona without my own wheels
made it difficult to get around. Public transportation is almost non-existent and the little that is there isn't really worth mentioning. I had to rely on friends to take me everywhere. For an independent soul that was never an easy pill to swallow. Even in California, where I now reside, having a car in most towns is a necessity. I had been dreading taking out a loan for so long, but enough was enough. I had to bite the bullet and make myself a car owner once again.

The loan I took out was small and I immediately envisioned that I would only be able to afford a clunker. You know, something to get me around, but not much to look at. My mind conjured up a paintless contraption of dark grey with lots of bumps and bangs. The interior wasn't much better with ripped carpets and uncomfortable seating. And of course, there wouldn't be a stereo. That's what I could afford, so that was what I was going to get.

As soon as I had the money in my hand, I began my search. I looked...and looked...and looked some more...all to no avail. Frustration was practically my middle name. Everything was either out of my budget or more often than not it was simply something I really didn't want. It was the wrong color. It was too big or too small. Or it just didn't fit my personality. But I was in desperation mode and I just wanted 'something'—anything that would tie me over until I was able to afford something that I really wanted. Frankly, I was simply settling.

After three weeks of contacting people trying to make appointments for cars that I didn't really want in the first place, I finally had enough. What was I doing? I was creating what I did not want instead of what I did want. That's when I decided to shift my thoughts on the matter in order to create something that worked for me. I needed to get serious with my order. I wanted something that was not only functional, I wanted it to be cute too! And if I wanted the Universe to comply with my wishes, I needed to be as specific as possible. That meant it was time to compile a must-have list.

I started with the color. I knew I didn't want red. Even though I had found some decent cars with various shades of that hue, red gets a lot of attention from the ticket makers and knowing that, I was pretty sure I would create that reality if I had a crimson car. So, instead of stating what I did not want, I chose only the colors I was interested in—black, blue, green or silver. I wouldn't even bother looking at anything else.

It wasn't just about the color. I wanted a mid-size SUV that had 4-wheel drive. One never knows where I might live in the future. If there is snow, I will need to be able to get around. I also wanted something that would carry the few boxes of clothes and books that I have left from my last move, but I didn't want anything too big. Ergo, I narrowed down my list even further. I wasn't going to look at any more sub-compacts or full-size vehicles.

I wanted both the exterior and interior to look fairly new and I wanted it to be taken care of. I may not know anything about the mechanical aspect of a car, but I did want all the gadgets under the hood to look clean with lots of new gizmos installed. It would be well-maintained or I wouldn't bother with it.

After owning three cars with a manual transmission, I was pretty determined to own an automatic. Working A/C and heat was a must. And I wanted a 'box' body type, as opposed to a curved one. Finally, I didn't want to drive farther than maybe five miles to get it. That was it for my must haves, but I added a couple of things to my wish list too. Taupe leather interior would also be a plus, as would a removable stereo. They weren't necessary, but it would be great to have them.

Once I placed my order, the Universe got cracking. Within about 18 hours, I found the SUV. And yes, every single item on my list had manifested—even the leather interior and stereo, which were just part of the wish list, as opposed to my demand list. The seller also had installed a slew of new things, like four new tires, a new radiator, new carpets, and so on. It was a well-maintained vehicle. It seemed like the car for me. I called the owner up and set our appointment for the next day.

As soon as I walked up to the front door, I had the sneaking suspicion that this was indeed my car. That's because a wind chime with a butterfly hanging from it captured my attention. Anyone who knows me knows that Butterfly is my Guide, my compadre, my obsession. The second I laid eyes upon it an energetic blast hit me like a thunderbolt. This had to be a sign.

And when I actually saw the car, I wanted to jump up and down with joy. Needless to say, the test drive went well and I hoped that within a few minutes it would be mine. However, that was not meant to be. Legally, he needed to get it smogged before the sale could transpire. That meant I had to wait. Obviously, the seller could have sold it to someone else. He certainly had time to show it to others. I could feel myself wanting to walk through the threshold of fear, but I decided to delete that process by leaving that emotion by the wayside. Instead, I stepped into action by getting my prayer groove on.

During my trance state, I stated that if this SUV was meant for me then it would be mine, and if it wasn't the right fit, then I hoped a better vehicle would be sent my way. The important thing was to let go of any attachment. The Universe knows the full scope of what is going on at all time, far more than I do, that is for sure, so I loosened the reigns of control. I had completed my creative part of the journey and I had to just sit back and let it happen however it was meant to happen.

A few days later, the deal was done. I had a brand new (well, new for me anyway) car and it has been a match made in Heaven ever since. I am so thankful for having this symbol for freedom and believe me, I make sure to express my gratitude every time I get behind the wheel.

Manifesting is fun. It's easy too. It's just four simple steps.

1) Create a list and visualize it.
2) Have faith in your heart that it will happen if it is meant to happen.
3) Let go of control. 
4) Be grateful. 

Truth be told, I have been a manifester since I was a kid. Long before the term Law of Attraction was coined, I had instinctively understood that this is how manifesting what I want took place. However, since my Spiritual Awakening, I have also learned that when fear is thrown into the manifestation recipe, it never works out. On the contrary, when I am as specific as possible and when I release the reigns of control, particularly when it will show up, it usually does within hours of my request. And finally, I make certain to be filled with gratitude on a continuous basis.

I may not get every single thing that I want, because sometimes the answer is no. However, more often than not, when I really focus on an intention and allow it to manifest in its own time, it more often than not shows up pretty quickly, even within hours, minutes or even instantaneously.

So, allow yourself to manifest your heart's desires. It doesn't have to be something material either. It could be about Spiritual Awakening. Love. Travel. Anything your heart desires. You get to decide. So, go forth and create!

Happy manifesting!

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

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