Tuesday, April 19, 2016


This morning I put on my glasses to read. Until recently my vision was always better than average. What a person with twenty-twenty vision can see at 15 feet, I could see at 20. That meant I was the queen of the road game! It was easy because I could
see the signs before everyone else. But things have been slowly changing as I approach the five decade mark on this planet. Ergo, a few months ago I finally succumbed to fact that I wasn’t a kid anymore and bought not just one, but three pairs of glasses. So, now I had them, but I rarely put them on. Only when I am desperate do I slip a pair out of its case and actually don them on my face.

In fact, yesterday morning I refused to put them on while I read my book, and the consequences of my actions meant that it took me forever to read. I kept having to go back and read the same line over and over again. The words just weren’t clear for me. I chalked it up as early morning sleepiness, but who cares? Why was I trying to assuage my vanity? No one else was even in the room! 
That was yesterday, but today was different. This morning something had changed within me. I may not always need to wear glasses, but when my eyes are tired or if the print is too small, then it truly is so much easier to wear them than to not. If wearing the glasses makes my eyes happier and makes reading easier than so be it. I am here to say that I don't want to struggle any more!
I could easily see that this is a metaphor for my life, as well. Why was I making everything so difficult? If the answer is always something as easy as putting on a pair of reading glasses, then I am choosing to do that. And there you have it. From now on I am willing to flow with the Universe instead of fighting to go upstream.
...And so it is.

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

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