Friday, February 24, 2012

Reiki for Burns

Yesterday, after boiling water in the tea kettle, I reached out to move the frying pan out of the way.  What I did not realize is that the handle for the pan had been placed above the burner I had been using and as I reached for it, I scortched the skin running from my little finger to my wrist.  A loud crash ensued as I dropped the metallic object onto the stove.  Its contents flew everywhere, all while my voice projected a painful scream. 

I took a breath and walked over to my computer.  I knew butter and oil were the worst things for it, but those remedies that are remnants of familiar old wives tales were all that popped into my head.  I wasn't sure what the best solution to healing a burn was, but I was determined to find out.  As always, the internet came to the rescue to this damsel in distress. 

I found Dr. Weil's site, from PBS fame, and ventured a look at what he had to say on the matter.  After reading his article, I determined I only had first degree burns, which are the least harmful.  However, it still hurt.  I took his advice and dunked my hand in a bowl of cold water for ten minutes.  The plunge brought forth another scream, but after the initial shock, it clearly helped in soothing the pain.

After removing my hand from the bowl, I observed that there wasn't any blistering.  Nevertheless, the affected area began to hurt again.  So, I wrapped a cold compress around my hand for another half an hour or so.  It felt fine...except when I tried to remove the cloth.  Unless I found a solution, my left hand was not going to be used for awhile.

While I would have used Aloe Vera if I had some, it wasn't available.  So, Neosporin was next on the list.  It thankfully numbed the pain.  Unfortunately, this was only a stopgap measure. After a few hours, the burning sensation returned.  I put more Neosporin on to numb it once again and then it hit me. I am a Reiki Master for goodness sake.  Why don't I use some Reiki on it!  Initially, I was so consumed with pain that I wanted instant gratification.  And in truth, I feel that I did need the other methods I used to calm down the aggravated skin so that it wouldn't blister.  Be that as it may, it was clear that for the long-term some more attention to my healing was required.

I put my hands in a ball formation sending the affected area reiki for an hour and half while I watched a bit of TV.  By the end of the session, nearly all the pain was gone.  I woke up this morning with only two very small red marks that are barely noticeable at all and my intention is to send more reiki to it today to complete the healing cycle.

There are so many avenues to take when it comes to our healing.  Sometimes one or a combination of several different modalities are beneficial.  We simply have to look within to find the answers.

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)