Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I walked in on my roommate the other day and she was using another roommate’s laptop. Hers wasn’t working and she needed to get online to answer her emails. She is accustomed to her PC and this was a Mac and it was frustrating her. “I hate this computer! I hate this computer!” became her mantra. Energetically, her comments were knocking me for a loop and I pretended to be her and said to the Universe and to the others in the room, “I am GRATEFUL that I was loaned this computer so that I could do this work. I am GRATEFUL that I am learning how to use a new kind of computer so that I can increase my brain power!”

Initially, she was annoyed with my mocking and continued her negative repertoire with other things. She was out of money and although I didn’t have much either I was buying all the food for us and her two dogs. Instead of being grateful she complained that she needed more variety and she couldn’t eat simply for awhile. It truly amazed me that someone could be so ungrateful when they were being fed with healthy delicious food every day for free. I finally had to walk away.

She later calmed down and apologized for her behavior when I asked her how many times in that short amount of time did she I hate such and such. She knew it was several. “What kind of message to the Universe are you putting out there each and every time you say it?” I asked. She knew very well it was a negative one. Instead of being grateful to others for loaning her their computer or offering to share their food, she was angry because she didn’t have the money to buy exactly what she wanted.

My friend has been unemployed for five months. She was even offered a job a few weeks ago and was told the night before she was to start that she wasn’t approved because she was American and they had too many Americans working for the company. I asked her if she thought that maybe the reason this outgoing, attractive and very well connected woman couldn’t find a job, even losing one at the last minute was because she was putting up such enormous blocks that energetically speaking nothing positive could penetrate the walls to get to her? She knew I was correct.

After my “lesson” I thanked her for giving me my next story and she smiled. There is a reason we are presented everything. I am grateful for her showing this teaching tool to me.

A lot of people around the world are feeling low. The money isn’t there. We are losing our homes. Things are changing. The truth is this is how the Universe works. It and we are constantly changing. We are here to learn lessons and to grow. We are not here to follow a routine day in and day out for 80 odd years. When we don’t make a change the Universe simply will force change upon us. When this happens, and it is happening on a worldwide scale now, we need to remember that we are learning an enormous amount of information. We are also clearing out all the old junk to allow the things we really desire to come in. That may mean golden opportunities, or simply a higher state of awareness. Either way, it’s all good stuff.

Even when we are at our lowest, there are still so many things to be grateful for. Your spouse, your kids, your friends, your home, your ability to walk, your ability to breathe in air, the beauty of a flower, a tree, a lake, the sky; these are all things that surround us every day and mostly go unnoticed.

In the 70’s, Americans spouted almost ubiquitously that we should all hug a tree. Maybe you don’t have to actually hug it, but why not sit under one for bit. Feel its bark. Admire the shape of its leaves, if it has any. It is here to shade you. It protects you from the elements. It is beautiful to look at. It is part of us. Learn to appreciate the tree and everything else in your world and the Universe will reward you with more miracles. Remember, we always get back what we put out to the Universe whether it’s positive or negative.

When we have our moments of ingratitude, and we all do, say “DELETE” and erase it from existence. Follow that up by replacing it with a positive affirmation or reminder that you are grateful. In addition, when you are feeling blue, remember your gifts. You are here to help yourself not to mention the rest of us grow. You are special. You are loved. Send out to the world the Love that is inherent to your Spiritual Being and you will actually feel the Love that is already there.

Most importantly show gratitude. Being grateful not only sends out a positive energetic message it changes how you feel about your surroundings. You can instantly shift a feeling of depression to a feeling to elation by showing gratitude. One dose of gratitude goes a long way.

Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

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